Quality Control

Revozport Quality Control Management System

At RevoZport, every part, big or small, simple or complex, is specially designed for you. A team of more than 200 dedicated RevoZport employees, including customer support representatives, internal job manager, prototyping, R&D team, material management office, tooling engineers, manufacturing managers, Q/C specialist, finishing technician, packaging engineer, export specialist, and logistic agent, will take care of your product with the highest standards of integrity, excellence, and performance. “Continuous Improvement” is not just our company motto, but also our approach and commitment to better serve you, our valued customer, with the highest quality, but cost-effective products. RevoZport, is intensively learning and following the ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards, which emphasizes involvement and teamwork, evaluating and systematizing processes, reducing quality variations, and defects. By following our own designed "Revozport Quality Manual" which is intensely used within our production facility, the same rule is also set to of our suppliers.

Although RevoZport has its own production facility for composite products, there are still some products or accessories of our products we sub-contract to other manufacturers. To monitor their quality, they are required to follow the Revozport Quality Manual in order to become our supplier. We call it a RevoZport supplier member;

The selection of RevoZport member (enterprise, company, and manufacturer) is based on the manufacturer’s ability to provide quality, price, and delivery. RevoZport selects the company after evaluating its engineering and quality requirements.

  • The self-audit and survey reveals the procedure of a formal quality survey and classifies the quality potential and rating of the candidate.
  • The receiving inspection shows the quality inspection responsibility and procedural criteria.
  • The prototyping / mock up sample plan establishes guidelines for techniques and inspection methods utilized for incoming product.
  • Our QC team, on a continual basis, monitors the quality rating. Performance and classification are related as a percentage.
  • Communication in formal response and corrective action must take place for material defects.
  • The method of evaluation is the certification process and establishes certification procedure for future production shipments.
  • The selected member will decide all purchased material after the candidate sufficiently meets the previous history quality and production requirements in similar supplied products and satisfies an on-site quality survey conducted by a RevoZport audit team.

  • Warranty

    Our products are normally pre-packed with the highest quality packaging material.
    However, as the package is handle by many different intermediaries, even we put many fragile stickers, It may sometimes be abused, thrown around or mishandled. Therefore, if any of the following cases happen:

    1. The product receive is damaged during shipping;
    (File a claim with the shipping company and take pictures of the packages)
    2. The product has quality issue (like flaws);
    3. The product fitment has problem;
    4. The product is in doubt of its authenticity.

    Please contact us by email to: cs@revozport.com or our dealer. Our customer service advisor will reply to you within 48 hours. You are advised to take as much pictures of the scenario as possible and attach in the email to show the problem. Please do not give us negative feedback and give us a chance to solve the problem for you. Our company will make sure to give you a satisfactory solution.

    After installation of your product, we will greatly appreciate if you can send us some photo(s) to our email pr@revozport.com

    Member Selection Guidelines

    RevoZport's manufacturer inspection policy uses AQL to establish the size and frequency, we established procedures for conducting member manufacturer qualifications. Candidates fill out a two-page self-assessment questionnaire form and return it to RevoZport for evaluation. When deemed necessary, an audit team assembles and carries out an on-site quality survey. A survey is not required unless recommended by the Focus Factory team, whom is involved with the specific product.


    Self Audit and Survey for Member Candidates

    The self-audit determines the member’s capability of meeting basic manufacturing quality requirements. The purpose of the self-audit is so that the candidate is better prepared for the subsequent formal audit carried out by RevoZport team and for RevoZport to become familiar with the member’s quality capabilities prior to the formal quality survey. (The self-audit is carried out on the two-page member self-evaluation form and the formal survey is carried out to the 20-page member manufacturer assessment procedure).


    Receiving Inspection

    RevoZport will perform the QC receiving inspection routinely. The inspection carried out by RevoZport is intended for verification of dimensions or call out by the drawings or design. We require that the member manufacturer provide acceptable products and quality documentation showing that the required inspections have taken place and have passed. It is the responsibility of RevoZport to provide the member manufacturer with necessary up-to-date specifications. This includes all the requirements including latest revision.


    Corrective Action

    ReoZport will request a formal corrective action from members that are rejected for conditions that jeopardize the integrity of our saleable product. When we receive defective product, we will immediately notify the membe. Each defect is listed on the corrective action request. Upon receiving the request for corrective action, the member is responsible for evaluating the defect, defining the root of the problem, and implementing counteractions. Once products are corrected, they are sent back to RevoZport for evaluation and approval.


    ISO 9001:2008

    On June, 2012.
    Revozport is proud to announce the success in achieving Asia's first automotive & lifestyle composite product with design and provision to become fully ISO 9001:2008 certified by both SGS & TÜV SÜD at the same time.

    This news confirms that Revozport has been officially audited by the two most stringent certification body and proves that Revozport have met all the quality and management critea of this bestowed internationally recognised standard.

    Revozport is Asia 1st composite product with design and provision to achieve ISO 9001:2008 and certified by both SGS and TÜV SÜD. To achieve ISO 9001 status Revozport demonstrated to SGS & TÜV SÜD that we have rigid quality management systems in place, including technical training, quality control management and thorough staff training for new product development and implementation.

    It is clear that Revozport will become the natural choice of composite products in the near future.